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JFJ Construction Ltd (JFJ) is a contracting and construction firm based in the Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM). We are a dedicated team of professionals whose expertise comes from years of hard work and hands-on experience. Started as a small business in Halifax, JFJ continues to grow bigger, and plans to further expand in and around HRM.

We offer quality services that are personalized to your vision, skillfully done in a timely approach, without breaking the bank!

We specialize on residential and commercial construction. This includes:

  • Design/Layout
  • Renovation
  • Property Maintenance
  • Outdoor Living
  • Duradek Installation

Since our inception, we have had over a hundred completed projects with a number of repeat clients. The key to our success is customer satisfaction, ensuring YOU get excellent quality work at competitive rates.

Here at JFJ, we are proud to be BBB accredited and we take pride in the service we offer. Let us help you bring your vision to reality.

JFJ Construction Ltd. BBB accredited business profile

The man behind JFJ

John Fil Jumaway


John Fil came from a simple family where his father was a carpenter. This is where he got the inspiration and the passion in taking the same path as his father did.

He has been in the construction industry since 2012 where he became a professional carpenter for another construction company. And just like in any success stories, he started from the bottom as a construction laborer and worked his way up to where he is now. It is through his hard work and perseverance that he acquired all the knowledge and skills needed for the business to thrive. And it is from his humble beginnings that he learned the value of doing anything with your own hands. 

As the founder and owner of JFJ, he oversees the company’s daily operations to ensure clients’ expectations are met, or even exceeded, within the agreed timeframe.

Since the company continues to grow, JFJ opened its doors to partnering with other experts in the field.

Need help? Contact John

+1 902 4127560 or info@jfjconstruction.ca

Our Team

Composed of highly talented and experienced professionals.​

John Reb Reyes

Partner, Lead - Indoor Living Projects

Just like our founder, John Reb takes pride in his years of construction experience since 2013. He specializes in finishing carpentry which includes cabinetry, floor, wall, ceiling and crown molding, window and door casing, stair system, shelving, and others. He leads and supervises all indoor projects requested.

Ariel Dalisay

Partner, Lead - Outdoor Living Projects

He is the expert when it comes to outdoor living. He leads and supervises all outdoor projects which include installation/renovation of mudroom, sunroom, pergola, shed, gazebo, fence, deck, and Duradek!

Sheena Diana Jumaway

Admin and HR

Sheena is the head of the Administrative and HR Teams. She’s the one in charge of accommodating our clients and scheduling meetings and site visits for the projects. Also, since JFJ plans to further expand, interested business partners and subcontractors may connect with Sheena for future partnerships and career opportunities.

Why Us

Reason For Choosing Us

Here at JFJ, we are confident to say that choosing us is the best decision for your construction needs. Here’s why:

Our People

With our team of skilled professionals, you can rest assured that you are getting exactly what you envisioned for your property. We take pride in all of our workmanship and you can trust that we use high quality materials for all of our projects.


We offer our services at economical rates without compromising the quality of our work. If you need things done without breaking the bank, choose JFJ!


We commit to finishing our projects within our clients’ timeframe to ensure you’re able to move in to your property when you want to, or have your rental space available for lease on your desired date.

Safe and secured

We ensure that we practice safety and security all the time. We value our people as much as we value our clients that’s why we take extra caution whenever we are on the job. For your added peace of mind, the company is fully insured.

Craftsman Warranty

We provide 1 year warranty on all of our craftsmanship service.

Proudly BBB Accredited...

JFJ Construction Ltd. BBB accredited business profile